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My fiancee just suggested to me about going to some anger management classes....I feel like I have an attitude problem and I do help with it...If someone makes me mad...I will say very hurtful things without really meaning it..I just have to make them mad for some reason..I know it;s childish.but if someone hurt my feelings what can't i say something in return?...I grew up in a very verbal and abusive household..My dad beat my mom and she was passive....I grew up very bitter..I feel like I change alot over the last 3 years...My fiancee changed me alot..he so sweet and laid back..He taught me not to get so mad at things that aren't important. One thing I hate is that if I'm mad at you about's hard for it not to be written on my face...I don't want you around me,I can't seem to fake nothing is wrong...I will snap at any of my family members.."when I'm in a bad mood"..

I was wishing once my babies get here..I will change..I heard so many success stories..then I came on this board and some mothers still have anger issues.....

has anger management classes help anyone?

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