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Hi guys, new here and am upsetting myself so much that I am having a hard time keeping it together at work. Here is the background, I have a tendency to be non confrontational, if someone treated me badly i would always be the one to back down , not say anything or just cave to keep from thier being a fight and then getting mad at myself for not defending myself or actions......replaying the incident and doing and saying what i really wanted to but did not have the guts to at the time. over the weekend there was a situation where i became angry when my live in boyfriend and another woman were alone together on a jetski, i did not know they left till they were gone and she initiated the ride, i was left to stew waiting for them to return and getting so angry that my heart was racing , going over my options as to how to handle it , as it turns out i spoke to him about how i felt about his being alone with another woman without overreacting too bad and i had every intention of talking to her too but i "chickened out" again now i am replaying a confrontation in my mind that i wish had happened and enraging myself all over again. does anyone else ever regret not acting out in anger and then making themselves upset all over again? The more upset i get the more violent i envision this supposed confrontation.....complete with me beating the crap out of

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