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My son who will be turning 3 on August 3rd has been kicked out of 3 daycares in the past 5 months. Each daycare had given me ultimatums (put him on ritalyn or else basically).

Well He's a 2 year old boy going through that stage. But no one seems to listen. He DOES have anger management problems (which turns him EXTREMELY VOILENT towards himself and others) but he does NOT have ADD or Autism like the daycares were trying to tell me.

I had an appointment set up with a pediatrician here in Calgary (Dr. Goldaid for any of you living in Calgary) and she also agrees that it is just an anger management problem.

But I just don't get it. How can a 2 year old be so angry??

He will ask for a treat (after not finishing his dinner, of kicking my cat for no reason) and I refuse him. He will come right at me, hit me, pinch me, bite me (I needed stitches three times from him biting) and screaming. I cannot get him to settle. I don't give in but he will usually scream until he falls alseep.

He will go up to my cat or 6 year old daughter and start beating them for no reason at all.

He will pound the piss out of kids his age because he doesn't want to share (been threatened by many parents that if I don't take him out of daycare or put him on ritalyn, they would charge me in court).

Does anyone else have this problem with a child so young of age??

I have him set up to attend a program in September. Basically it's a pre-school that is run by highly trained specialists that deal with children who are too young to attend school. They will do play therapy and constant counselling sessions to find out his problem.

No one else in the family is so "Angry".

He has:

- Physically hurt other children for no reason, or because he does not want to share.
- Tried to gouge the eyes out of people changing his diaper at daycare (but has not done this at home)
- Refuses to potty-train by screaming bloody murder
- Smashed windows with toys and his own head
- Given myself and 5 other people (3 including young children his age) stitches by biting/hiting
- + more, I just can't remember them all. It's just so stressful!

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