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Maybe you and your husband can benefit from going to couseling together. I dont know if you have brought this idea up to him but it would be a good idea to sit him down and let him know that you feel as though something is wrong with you and your depressed and you need to find a way to cope with your problems.

Let him know that you need him there to be with you through this process of feeling better and see what his reaction is. It wold be great if he agrees to the counseling with you. Let him know your not blaming him for this feeling in you and your not saying its his fault. People usually get defensive about this type of situation and if hes closing up on you when you talk about your childhood, then it seems like he is kind of a defensive type of person.

I think the counseling will help you deal with your past. which you have to face if you want to feel better, and it will also help you and your husband get along better and give eachother what you want. Maybe in being able to communicate better with your husband and he with you, you can both think of some fun things to do together instead of work all of the time. Its hard to do that though if there is a barrier between you two. You have to break them down in counseling.

Its going to be a long road though but its better to start trying to solve this problem than to just ignore it. Your not going to get happy by continuing what youve been doing so far. You have to try something different to see if it works.

Good luck.

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