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Problem-Anger and Depression


Anger is usually caused by distressed of close ones. In the past, it was my mother, my sister, and now it is my husbandl. Some times I get angry during stressful occasions such as HIGH stress days during work as a teacher in a day care center. Usually I get angry when my husband is against me, when I feel he has given up on me. I get angry when he gets mad at me. I get angry when he betrays me, in situations like when I come to him for help during the depressed days, he gets angry, I feel abandoned all alone, and it makes me lash out.
I take birth control pills
I also drink caffeine, and also take Excederin Migraine which contains caffeine.

When I get angry

I yell, scream, hit things, throw things, and get violent. I am overwhelmed. I have tried to calm myself down, but the harder I try, the more angry I get.

How long has this been happening?

Since I was about 15, I would slam doors, I got grounded for it, but I was able to control it since I would get in trouble.
When I was 17, I started taking Excedrin Migraine for my headaches. Ever since, it is my miracle drug.


Feeling down
Feeling unmotivated
Feeling like there is no point in life.
Feel tired

What usually causes this?

The lack of joy in my life. My life seems so boring, there is no pizazz, always work, and no play. When I play, I feel guilty because there is work to do.

I work because my husband and I are trying to make a better future. I do not see this point because, I am going to be unhappy in the future. This makes it hard to be motivated about ANYTHING.

I have no friends and no family that live near by. My family and my husband do not get a long. I had a bad childhood. I grew up homeschooled so I lack people and relationship skills, and I was sexually abused as a child. When I talk about this to my husband, he seems to close up.

What I want

I want to be a happy.
I want my husband to be happy.

How to get there?

I am lost, what do I do?

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