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Hello everyone I need some advice about what i should do. I am a mother and wife. I have two children a boy who is almost 4 and a girl who is 20 months old and has autism. My anger started when i had my son and has gotten to its peak with my daughter. Sometimes i get so mad that i just scream at my kids. I feel terrible afterwards. My little girl is autistic and extremely hard to take care of. I think a lot of my anger stems from the fact that everything i try to do to help her never works. She crys all day long and the crying just feeds the anger and depression. Yesterday was one of my worst days. I was really thinking of just giving up and leaving and never coming back. I feel so hopeless. I dont have anyone to talk to because no one understands what it is like in my household. I just wish i knew how to handle myself. When i get angry i start throwing things (not around my kids) and hitting the walls. Sometimes i even hit myself or pull my hair. I am so afraid that i am going to lose it and hit one of my kids. Yesterday I screamed at my daughter so loud that it startled her and that is hard to do. I also slapped her hand, which breaks my heart to think about now, because I know she cant help it. I hate feeling anger towards her because i know it is not her fault she has autism. I get so depressed also on a daily basis I dont ever play with my son i just yell at him all day. I am so afraid that they are going to grow to hate me because of the way I act around them . I cant talk to my family because they dont believe in any of the vitamins and supplements that i am treating my daughter with and we just end up in an argument. My husband is my only support and he is always working. I dont have any insurance right now but will in a month and a half. Is there anyone out there that could please give me some advice. I could sure use it. Thanks for letting me vent. Rochelle

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