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Hi MysteryRider, thank you too for your kind words for all I've heard from people is: no one has forced you to have children, being a mother is just like that, when you were a child you gave me double the work and so on. So sick and tired of listening to all this. As well as that, whenever I meet another woman at my daughter's school for instnace, there comes the big remark in the form of a question: do you only have her? She needs a little sister. Being an only child can be problematic, and on they go... I can't help wondering though, if I did have another child, would they help me support it, or look after it? Of course not! Noone takes my heart issues into account and that gets me really angry. I've even had to be rude on some occasions for I can't stand it when this sort of talk comes up. I hate talking to other mothers at my daughter's school because they don't want to talk about anything else but kids. I do talk about mine too, but I also like discussing other topics and hate being taken up on not having another child. I've never been the sort of mother whose child is always the perfect one who never makes mistakes. I tell her off whenever she's wrong or tries to blame things on her friends. She has to follow some sort of dicipline and doesn't just get away with murder simply because she's an only child. Anyway, enough of that.
You said you were also made fun of as a child, why? You don't need to tell me if you don't want to. I'm happy to have been of some help to you though, and here goes my advice to anybody who feels like we do: don't go having children just because it's the done thing no matter what others say. In the end of the day, you're the one who will have to bring it up and find the patience to deal with everything that comes with it into the bargain. Best of luck and keep in touch,

Débora from Brazil

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