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I realize u are looking for help or some idea's with what you are going through..

1. go for a walk, ride a bike, and if you feel cruddy and it is 2am.. (and it isn't considered dangerous, go for that walk.. a close friend told me to do this when too much, umm, when I thought about things and it depressed me into a crying fit.. and other assorted stuff.. ) it doesn't always work, but exercise can do wonders.. the other thing.. which should probably be #2

2. Meditation and relaxation techniques, mind u beware you may just fall asleep.. relaxation technique I learned long ago, actually it was part of bio-feedback training.. which was originally prescribed for vascular headaches, ANYWAY.. before I bore to sleep.. the one thing I remembered was feeling that all of your body, piece by piece was becoming heavy.. I pretty much looked at my doctor as if he were nuts.. but it worked..

3. Medication.. Yes, well some hate this to be their resolve.. I am not speaking about tranquilizers, but anti-depressants..
When I became anger, it scared me, because I would ask myself even out loud why did i just yell about that.. why am I angry, it also became scary, because I dissociated myself from myself.. as in, I see myself yelling, but had no control over it.. it's like looking in the mirror and u don't know who is staring back.. don't worry I am fine.. my cheese didn't slip off my noodles, I am not a pickle short of a barrel, a blade short of a lawn.. But it still freaked me out, I felt that my last resort was to see a psychiatrist.. since then I have become a bit paranoid of being diagnosed with Bi-polar 1 disorder, mainly because it fit too well, anyway, back to you..
anti-depressants. Although I won't swear by them, I do feel better.. SSRI's I think are a bad idea.. ( look up what they are on this very health board, if u need help ask a moderator.) I am on Wellbutrin(sp??) XL and Lamictal @200mg.

4. Make sure you can rule out any organic issue.. thyroid, hormones, anything such as that.. I know hormones and thyroid issues can cause problems, and the be sure, if the doctor does prescribe the Anti-depressants, find out ALL the side effects, I suggest you leave the part where it happens to 1% or less of the patient alone,.. some people have a knack of reading them and think it is happening to that also 1% or less of them..

I hate to believe this, but Lamictal has helped a lot.. especially the coming down of BP (bi-polar not blood pressure) even if u say, "I don't have BP" that wasn't exactly where I was going with that.. I was having crying bouts for all the wrong reasons... you can cry at a movie or the appropriate places, but not at night for reasons unknown and the on appropriate moments of anger.

Both are becoming rare.. it is not to say I won't get pissed, I do with my pc daily and I am a freakin computer tech.. how lame is that.. I always joke when I am working on pc's that i hate computers.. yes, it is for the response on their face.. :jester:

Yes, well anyway.. I hope maybe something in the above message helped or at least gave you an idea or two...

The info on the thyroid issues, is from a family member and the hormones is my own.. Genetic issues (GEE THANKS DAD) have left me with low amounts of testosterone.. these and "OTHER" fun issues have made life a real.. :bouncing: :bouncing: :bouncing: fun time.. I say that with sarcasm... although the genetic issue stuff really is from my father..
btw, the above personal stuff goes under the title of TOO MUCH INFO better known as TMI.. translation; I just babbled everyone into a coma...

Good luck.. and if this message didn't help, use it as a sleeping aid.. :yawn:

[QUOTE=MysteryRider]I was just wondering if anyone else out there blew up about ordinary everyday things because of your anger. To me, it seems like nothing can go wrong because it will set me off. The car breaking down or something in the house not working seems to send me off into dispair. Its impossible for nothing to ever not go wrong in life but does anyone have any techniques to use for this?[/QUOTE]

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