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[QUOTE=shiften_2000]and i know her and she knows me and i found her on the internet and i sent her emails and she keeps ignoring me but i see her responding to her other male firends and i really get angry so much and every time i remember and imagine how she ignores me i imagine myslef swering at her and i feel like i want to smash my monitor in and like i want to go to their house and kick ther door and such stuff and force her to like me and even punch her i am not sure about the last one but i haven't done any of those things, so tell me how can i control my anger i need to smash somthing, and has anyone ever felt like this?[/QUOTE]

I can totally relate. I have gotten mad at women on the internet and they have gotten mad at me too. It is easy to get mad when you can hide behind a computer. Getting mad at women who diss you I found is a complete waste of time. It got me nowhere but lonely and everyone thought that I was a luni-bin. The answer is date lots of different girls, even if it is just getting together at the local Starbucks.

The trick is this see how many rejections you can get in one week. I know it sound weird but once you get numb to rejections and it doesnt bother you that much anymore you will start getting tons of success.

Suggestion: Pick up a book called "Intimate Connections" by Dr. David Burns. Some of the stories he relates are a bit dated (written in 1985) but the substance their is still very good. I guarentee you this will help you with dating and relationships. Trust me on this one. I went from not being able to "buy a date" on Friday night to having such a full dating life that I did not have time to do anything else. And believe me I am not the best looking guy in the world and I was involved with some very pretty and sophisticated women and now I am married to a great women and love her with all of my heart.


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