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I've been diagnosed with depression, I'm not bipolar, but I know that rage is a sign of mania. Some of the antidepressants I've tried have made me more prone to mania and rage. So does chocolate. I've actually kicked walls in and broken the sheetrock. If you have serious rage problems, I'd see a psychiatrist, because this is a chemical imbalance that needs to be addressed NOW before you hurt someone.

I wonder if some psychiatrists specialize in anger issues? Probably some do. I know some specialize in bipolar disorder, or borderline personality disorder (another cause of rage attacks).

For me, it can actually feel like a seizure. I suspect that all mood disorders stem from some frontal lobe dysfunction, just like epilepsy. Moods are physical things. You can analyze your life all you want, but the physical aspect needs to be addressed as well. In other words, medication & diet.

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