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I am a petite girl, but My boyfriend says that I have the Napolean complex(I'm five foot two, and think I can take on anyone/thing) Its not very easy to make me *ANGRY* but I do get frustrated and wound up easily(generally a road rage kind of thing, but sometimes other areas) There are only two or three people who I severely dislike(so much that I have done a great job of never going near them, because if they looked at me the wrong way, I would probably go postal on guns just *INTENSE* rage.) I have told some of my friends how much I dislike those people, and some of them now talk about how they hope they never make me mad, because they think I would come close to killing them,(they weren't joking around about it either, I heard one of my friends boyfriends having a serious talk with her saying to "be careful" about how she was around me.) I don't think I would ever hurt anyone, except those few people who have gotten to me... Do I have an anger problem?

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