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Do you have any type of anxiety? Do you take any thing for headache that have caffiene? I have gotten that angry before. I get itchy, and I bite myself and I have thrown things, hit the walls (almost broke my hand), screaming, and actually lead to an anxiety attack. What caused it for me was usually stress and insecurity. I took hormonal birth control which messed my mood up. I also had a lot of unresolved isssues from my past. I went to counseling and cleared that all up. I have taken medication with caffiene in them for migraines and that tends to make me irratable and angry. I get ticked off really easily. Maybe seeing a couselor will help you to get past that anger and help you to find what is the root of the anger. Killing youself is not the answer. Trust me, what is the point in it? I have attempted a few times too but never went through with it. What helped me, was knowing that no matter what, this momment, this anger, this feeling of being trapped, and nothing is ever going to get better will go away. It is up to me to do something about it, wrether it is to just relax and just think about you and what makes you happy.


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