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I just wanted to comment on your first thread by saying that PMS can play a big part in someone's relationship. I know it did in my case. I've also had anger issues since childhood, but mainly just temperamental or moodiness. But when I turned 16 and had my first boyfriend, that's when I realized how serious PMS can be for some women. Especially if the guy is laid back and sympathetic to your needs. When you are ill with your parents, they just tell you to get over it or ground you! LOL... It's the romantic relationships that are hurt the most.
It starts out OK, because you (me, speaking) are a generally nice person so when that time comes around, they want to coax you back into that mindframe, thereby making you "happy". I think this becomes "addictive" to women, to have a man so eager to make you happy. However, after awhile, the guy will get tired of it.
As for myself, I started taking Paxil about four years ago and that has helped me alot. But still, I find those symptons returning like clockwork every month. You can try all the medications and remedies in the world, but it must first start with your mind. And talk to your boyfriend about it and convince him that it is a serious disorder, not just something we women make up! We have a little joke around my house....I made a cute poster with all sorts of danger, warning, etc. signs that I put up on the refrigerator each month when its "that time again". It doesn't let me get away with being mean, but it does warn my husband and he'll stay busy and out of my hair. I don't know your age, but I wish I had come to terms with PMS while I was a teenager, instead of waiting (Im 27). I'm glad I waited for the right one, but I hurt a few along the way. :angel:

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