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I was reading through a couple of enteries people have made, and it seems consistent that anger issues influence the relationships with people you love the most; the same is true for me. Lately, my boyfriend and I's relationship has been rocky. He's tired of my unpredicatable behavior. I always lash out on him during my period, which I find hard to control. It feels like the world is turning against me; I think sad thoughts untill I cry, and I'm extremely irritable. I'm a very tiny girl and I can see fear in my boyfriend's eyes when I yell at him to stop doing something I find irritating (during my period). Once, I hit him in the face giving him a swollen eye. This is VERY atypical of me and I felt terrible afterwards, but all I could do is say sorry because I don't know how to deal with my PMS. When I was younger I had anger issues, and it seems that they prevail during this time. Otherwise, I am fairly even tempered. If anyone else similar issues or advice, I would greatly appreciate a response.
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