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Hollyday, may I ask what medication you're taking for pmdd?
[QUOTE=americandancer]Hollyday, may I ask what medication you're taking for pmdd?[/QUOTE]

I was prescribed Prozac. But instead of just taking it 2 weeks a month, I took it daily because I thought it would work better if it had a steady level in my body. It worked really well to muffle my anger spells. They still happened, but at a more controllable level and not nearly so wild.

However, 3 months ago I got off the Prozac (after 7 years of daily use) because I really really wanted to be able to live a normal life without a pill. At first things were ok but now I'm raving again. I have anger issues anyway, they were just exacerbated at certain times of the month. Now even my so-called "good days" are getting filled back up with rage.

I hate my mouth sometimes!!! I just have no control of some of the horrible things I say! I'm thinking about getting on St. John's Wort because it works like an anti-depressant. Isn't it funny that anti-depressants help with uncontrollable anger??? I'm not depressed, I just want to blast everyone I meet! ;)

I guess this really should have been a different thread because it's a whole other issue. Sorry for the hijack...

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