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[QUOTE=miamore]its so true :jester: he is like a kid even when we were together. i always took care of him, bailed him out, trying showing him how being a better person can help, u know what it didnt work when we were together . i dont know why i still do it now. like trying to teach him to be a father, im learning its a waste of time u know............ i dont need that im learning that........ but u know what my problem is now would i be wrong to keep him from him, im not trying to do this in a mean way but heck he dont seem that much anyway, or have in part in his life that much......... i dont want him to hurt our kid but then i dont want him to tell my son one day that mommy is one that kept me from u .... to me the more im thinking about that would be a better excuze for him to use against me in the long run , but right now i dont trust him with our kid, i tell him supervised vistation only..............what u think storm girl or others :D[/QUOTE]

Hi Mia,

What a lot of grief you have been through and who knows what the future holds for you or your son.

I know you are not going to like what i have to say.
If you are honest with yourself and want to do the best for your son,
you must get financial and helpful support.
Your son's sperm donor is not a father and you must ask him to either act like one or sign away his parental rights forever.
If he refuses, he will have to pay to help raise the boy. He may be out of work on purpose to avoid paying, so you must ask for sole custody and then look into having him adopted into a stable two parent family who is ready to
do what you are finding so hard to do. He will be so much happier.

Your emotional problems are not going to make your life or your son's life easy.
How will he like you bringing one prospective guy after another to meet him and then find out that the guy isn't coming back because you had a fight or a
diasagreement. Your mind needs to be helped with the right meds or one day, you might just loose it and hurt your son.
(Remember that woman who drowned her three children in her car a few years ago?)

I know you love your son and think you can do this, but you must ask yourself
if you would like to be in his shoes without a father and with a mother who is
either crying or too depressed to take him out for a hamburger or a pair of shoes.
You need to find a special MAN to be your husband and your son's father.
Do you trust yourself to be able to find such a man?
If you find the wrong man, you could end up with another child and a guy who also runs away. You would be better off without a man if you choose the wrong one again.

Whatever you do, you must think of your son's welfare before yours.

Now, "go do the right thing".

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