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That kind of rage can be a symptom of a lot of psychiatric disorders that aren't labeled "anger". They're labeled depression, bipolar disorder, borderline personality, etc. There's something called "rageaholism" but I don't know if that's a pop psychology term or a real diagnosis. ANYWAY, a psychiatrist can probably help you. I don't know of any OTC treatments and I wouldn't necessarily recommend them if I did. Some of them might help; others might have the opposite effect. I know I tried St. John's wort once to help my depression and it made me ragingly angry!! So I would recommend a professional who can monitor your progress.

Also, I find that chocolate causes me to have rage attacks. Not immediately -it takes a day or two for that side effect to "settle in". A small amount of people are allergic to chocolate in this weird way, so make sure you aren't one of them!!
Good luck.....
There are things you can take to help with that kind of rage. I see a psych and am on meds for depression, anxiety, and some to help with the anger/rage. Recently my anxiety med was increased because my pdoc thought maybe my anxiety was causing my increase in anger. It is best to see a psychiatrist and tell them how you are feeling, especially when you start getting these feelings of rage. Also journaling might help to recognize what is going on at that time and make it easier to tell the doc.
Hi Tres, I wanted to also tell you that it might help your doctor in diagnosing you if you keep a journal of the rages. Be specific, are they everyday, once a week, once a month. With all the diagnosis out there, it might help make the right one for you. It could even be symptoms of PMS, they can be right before (a week even) before you menstruate or both, right before and while you are menstruating.It can last for a few days, if not the whole week. Keep a log, so you arent dx with BiPolar or something else you might not have.Good Luck

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