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Hello, Im crazy :jester: :bouncing: in 2001 it really showed when i couldnt control my anger anymore towards my ex gf...I punched her arms, and pinched her violently all which left temp marks..nnedless to say i did go to jail LOL for a day and then went to anger management.. (what a joke those state programs are), anywho afterwards for the next 3 years i became heavily addicted to opiates to numb my guilt ect. ( sober now for 6 months) after 2 rehabs ) so my anger is real.. im 21 now and dont get angry much anymore

EXCEPT when I hear dogs barking.. The place where im staying now, they have a dog and it annoys the HELL out of me just the way it looks makes me want to kick it!! but what really sets me off is when it makes a whineing sound, im sure you know what i mean.. somthing inside me goes off literally like a light switch and within seconds im a completely different person.. a extreme rage.. I know i cant do anything to it so i let it pass.. but then im left with a horribly annoyed mood.. if there wernt other people in the house i would seriously have to go teach it a lesson.. or yell at it.. :eek: i now take care of the problem with a water gun, it never comes near me anymore and if i simply point my finger at it, it turns away and gets down on the floor and crawls backwards, which makes me EVEN more mad.. :o :o :o .. anywho I cant explain it.. i know the feelings i have are wrong, but they feel soo GOOD! espcially when i squirt it in the face...

Heres the funny part, there is another dog here that barks all the time, and i love this dog, i let it in my room and i pet it and walk it daily.. I feel happy when i pet it ect.. i always call both dogs in the room and then only give the white one ( the one i like ) a treat and pet it.. and tell the other dog to F off.. haha .. another thing I do is walk by it and tell it im going to give it a walk, and it gets all excited and then i just walk away laughing to myself hahhaha.. even stranger is the fact that i LOVE almost all animals, i find them facinating, i go to the zoo once a month, watch nature shows ect ect, and i get a lump in my throat sometimes when animals are hurt.. my screen background is even a animal ( rat car panda bear)..(also have voulenterd at the humane society many times) But the brown dog makes me go crazy and i hate it sooooo much.. i continue to suffer.. here are some theorys on why i hate it:

1. the way it looks..its a pit bull mut looking like piece of garbage.. its not cute or fluffy at all.. and i cant stand things that are ugly..yes that includes girls lol..
2. that annoying whiny sound it makes when people are outside or it wants somthing.. why cant it just freaking greet his owners properly AGHH. :o

any ideas on what to do or why I might feel this way, or better yet, someone else who can relate in some shape or form??and finally, YES i do see a psych, and do take meds lol i have adhd among other things lol HELP!!

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