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The littlest things make my boyfriend angry, and it has become a serious problem. His work makes him really mad, just anything can make him mad and irritated. He is very irritable. Why is he like this? How can he fix it? Its become such a problem that we have decided I am going to move out until he can start fixing this problem, and the sooner the there anything he can do to control anger? Or figure out why he is so angry all the time?
I also have a problem with anger about little things, and it is in large part due to frustration at my job as well. A frustrating day at work, or a job that you don't like, DEFINITELY contributes to frustrations later at home.

Due to my current situation, it is not a good time for me to quit or find a new job right now. But is it possible for your boyfriend? If he could find a job that he likes, his frustrations will most likely lessen.

Also, you should try to be a source of happiness and support for him. I don't want to suggest that you haven't tried this already, but ask him why he's so frustrated and if you could help. Let him know that you care and that his actions make you worried or scared. If you want this relationship to last, this type of communication is important anyway. I am able to discuss these types of things with my wife, and she knows that I am not angry at her (unless I really am ;) ), and I apologize to her if I do something inappropriate. I will mention here that I am in no way abrasive to her, and I do not break or throw things; my anger comes out in yelling and cursing outbursts.

If you respond to his outbursts with hurtful comments, such as "Shut Up" or "What the hell is your problem" or "Chill Out" it just contributes more to his anger.

I know this is hard, but you may want to take the initiative to try to make things better if that's what you want. Moving out is a big step. Since you posted on this board, it seems you want things to be work out with him. If you've already tried these things to no avail...or even worse if he is taking his anger out on YOU in a verbal or physical manner, or breaking things, etc. then you have to ask yourself if it's worth it to continue your relationship with this person.

Good luck, hope this helps.

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