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Hello all,

i am new to this board, but have been reading these posts since they started.
I really need someones opinions or just someone to talk to, ok here we go...... heres my story...

I was angry most of my life, as a child i remember always being angry at all small stuff,( dumb stuff) which made me mad. Things like the way my grandmother would breath, or how she would eat her food, she has no teeth, (by the way i was raised by my gparents most of me child hood years) anyways, in my teen years i went into foster care, where it seemed no one could tolerate me as i kept moving frome home to home. i found my boyfriend whom we are still together ( 7 years) i was happy, i had someone who i could talk to, as i did not reallyhave any friends i juess no one can handle my attitude, we ended up moving in togheher which was good but then we started to fight a lot and i moved out, a few months later im back with him. now 5 years later we are still living togther and have a 7 month old baby girl, and we fight alot now that we have her,, n


Ever since i had her, ive been sooo angry at everything, i yell at bf and his family i get very frustrated with my daughter to the point of just handing her to dad and walking away, i say i cant take it anymore, and i just need a break. i just want peace and quiet for a day with out listening to anyone not having to worry about bottles, cleaning, laundry, dishes etc etc etc now bf and family really help alot buy looking after her for a few hours and letting me sleep in and stuff but i still get angry.Its weirld cause ill tink of something in my mind, a scene or situation that would happen, and what i could to make it a fight or a rude comment, i dont know if that makes any sence,but once i snap out of this ""daydream"" im really mad at eveything, Everyday is the same thing, i wake up sore and tired, stiff, and angry. its like i have this see through sheet over my eyes, (anger) and i cant take it off. For a few months now bf yells at me for allways being bitc**y and crappy, he says in a rude way ""u need to seek professional help, and i cant help u cause i dont have a degree in that to help you,"" what a arse. Now just the other week i just found out my father who i NEVER new has a mental illness annd my great grandma was in a mental instuition for 45 years.... so now i really think i need help. i dont know what kind of mental illness but am putting two and two together, so is anger a mental illness, is there a cure? who can i go to see?? is there meds for it?? please help im in desperation to save myself and family from this horrible anger and aggressiveness. if any one can respond to this please do i really need some advice.

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