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Hi, first congratulations on your baby girl!! Seems like youve had a very rough life and that for whatever reason, youve got issues. I think part of it is because your parents werent around? Did you ever feel mad because they werent around? since you say you were raised mostly by your grandma, then foster care, but you dont say what happened to your parents.
Second, i think many women have the blues after having a baby and can go thru many moods ranging from anger to depression to well some more serious things. I would suggest you have a medical checkup and explain these things to your doctor. He might suggest you see a therapist so you can work thru some of the things and find the real reason you are getting angry. Or he, depending on how he/she feels it might be, might prescribe some meds that will help you and keep you more mentally balanced. Also some people have chemical imbalances in their brain that can make one act that way, and also, there is medication for that, so there is no reason anyone should have to live with anger and frustration every day of their life. I wish you the best hon.

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