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[QUOTE=ribguy]I am a 45 year old man that has had a serious anger problem for years.
This past W/E it cost me the most important thing in my life. (I know...If it was that important, why did you do it) I get so pissed off and I REACT without thinking of what the results may be. I have no control. It's like a volcano, when it's time to blow, I blow.

I have jealousy issues from being burned in past relationships. I know that I shouldn't carry this history of baggage with me, but I do. She always told me DON'T EVER ATTACK ME WITH YOUR ANGER, (never physically, I would be loud and cursing) but my rage would do so anyway. It's like at that point in time I just need to release. I really need to get a handle on this.

I am seeking help for myself to make me a better person...Losing her my motivator.

Thank You in advance

:( :( :([/QUOTE]

You used a key phrase when you said you "dont think" !!!!!

This tells me your problem is organic, physical, chemical, genetic, whatever. It doesn't mean you can't take control of it - you NEED to take control of it. The volcano syndrome I can relate to. As a female (your age) I've had times in my "cycle" where the volcano erupts. I've learned how to keep an eye on this pattern of rage/calmness and try to predict it, prevent it, whatever. There are many medications you could try - rage is a symptom of many psychiatric disorders. Learning how to be a better person won't help much until you figure out what's flowing through your bloodstream and firing your brain cells. One thing I've found is that eating chocolate turns me into a raging, paranoid, violent freak. I try to avoid it.

On another note: I know you didn't mean to erupt at your lady friend, but let me tell you, as a not-too-big female, I find it scary as **** when a large man is yelling at me. Even if I know he's not going to lay a finger on me, I feel like he's already beating me with his words. And I know in my gut that he [I]could[/I] hurt me if he lost control. It's a different view from here, on the women's side of things.

Good luck, and persevere!

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