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Hi Rage-
I'm so sorry to hear about your brother and I definitely think that that is causing some of your anger, but you can't blame that entirely. Until you let that go, you will never be able to face any other possible issues that may be upsetting you. My younger sister had similar issues when she was younger. She would curse at my mom, scream uncontrolably, throw things. She went to a therapist and realized she had extreme anxiety. After taking some anxiety management groups, she is no longer the "devil" child people used to call her- she's a Saint practically and is always happy. Maybe you should switch doctors?

About the suicide thing- many young people go through those thoughts but you have to be strong enough to overcome them. I know you miss your brother and you probably wish sometimes it had been you- but if you are still so upset, imagine what your parents would feel like if BOTH their sons were gone? Suicide is extremely damaging to the people you leave behind- it's not worth taking your own life just because of your own unhappiness- what about the people who love you? Unhappiness can always get better, suicide cannot be reversed. It's hard to get over the past but these horrible things sometimes teach us about life. Last year a good friend of mine commited suicide and it has been a hard road for all of us. He was a 19 yr. old college student who was depressed because he was going to college for something his parents wanted him to do..and not something he truly loved. It was not worth taking his life. He could have taken control of his life and his goals but he gave up. After this happened, some other friends who had also been depressed realized that suicide was not the answer and managed to get help for their depression- my friend's death, although extremely saddening, saved other people's lives.

Maybe a result of your anger and depression is not having something to put your emotion into? Do you play any sports, activities, music,etc? If not, you should find out what you are interested in, and go for it!! I am a musician- when I was in middle school and high school, music helped me feel like I had purpose (and an outlet to get out my feelings). I became so focused on practicing and getting better that I didn't have time to let little things make me unhappy or so angry. Now I go to college for music, I have 3 CD's released, I play concerts, and I am a teacher. Music will always be there for me...I work hard and I can see the results.
Think hard about something you are interested in and get involved! If all you do is come home everyday after school and go on the computer, you may be bored and unhappy with yourself, which then turns into anger. It always leaves you time to constantly think about your brother and dwell on the past. Instead, if you strive for something like an activity, sport, or musical instrument, it helps you feel important, confident, happy and focused...good luck and feel better!!! Life always gets better.

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