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I just had to respond.My hubby(pre marriage) was always the jealous type.It kinda irked me , cause he didn't act like he trusted me.We talked & he said he would change his ways.Well, after marriage he went the complete opposite.Guys would hit on me and my kids would tell hubby how guys were checking me out.I also have a teen age daughter( I had her at 19 so I am still a young mom.)But all her guy friends(girl friends too) would tell her "you're mom is hot".(teen age boys- LOL).I even got approached while I was out with my hubby a few times-DUH, do guys NOT pay attention that I walked in on the arm of a guy!!!Even had my butt grabbed at a club & told my hubby, he says "why didn't you deck the guy?" HUH? I should add I am NOT the flirtatious type I am actually quite shy. Any way after a few years of this behavior I was begining to wonder what was in my hubby's head.So after I got approached in a gas station by a guy.(My hubby was out pumping the gas, I was in the store paying).My hubby asked what the guy in the store was talking to me about.I said "he invited me to a party, can you believe the nerve of that?"He said "oh"
I was so mad he acted like he could care less.I said why do you act like you don't even care?
His response:
"Baby, I knew when I married you that you were a very attractive woman, why would I expect other men to not find you just as attractive?"

Well, he melted my heart.It may have been a line of B* but it worked.LOL
Maybe your hubby just isn't surprised that other men find you attractive.He trusts you & that is maybe all he needs. :D

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