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I totally and absolutely understand where you are at....
I too am exactly the same. (I am female)
I get so uncontrollable over absolutely nothing and end up feeling ten times worse. But of course the fact that you get uncontrollable in the first place means something isn't right.
I would love nothing more than to be unfazed by anything.
But unfortuanetly I take everything so personally.
I would recommend what MARTIANGIRL said to do. See a P Doc or therapist, as you never know what the outcome could be...and at least you will have started the journey searching for answers and getting help. Don't be too hard on yourself though, obviously you are aware that you have a situation that needs to be corrected and that is a great step. Do what I did and explain to your wife that you love her to death and she doesn't deserve that treatment and with her help, if she is willing, you know you can do better.

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