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My husband is 42 and we have been married for 2 years. He has a similar anger problem to yours.

I won't bore you with details. Just a brief history of his journey to be a better man.
He was court ordered to 6 months of anger management, which actually helped some, but he did also see our family doctor and agreed to try the lowest prescribed dose of Lexapro. His insurance at work paid for 8 visits of counseling which we both attend.
It took a combination of these to get what worked for us.

Money doesn't grow on our trees either. A free call to a family attorney or judge may be able to give you the name of an affordable anger management class. Anger seems to be a more common problem than most people realize. I think a few dollars is worth saving your marriage, and cheaper than wrecking your car and paying out that deductible on insurance.

I love my husband, but I have two kids from a previous marriage and a dog, and he was scaring all of us. I have an obligation to my daughter, to show her when enough is enough; and to my son, to show him the proper way to treat his wife some day.
And even the dog, who adores us and protects us did not deserve his wrath. I was fully prepared to leave unless he got help.

You seem like a decent guy or you wouldn't be concerned about this. Don't let a few dollars stand in your way of a better life.

My husband showed me just how much he loved me by getting help and I love him more than ever for it. Good luck!!

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