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I have two problems that im really angry about.

The first on is my adult daughter (21) SHe lives with me she has a two year old son
That i love dearly. My daughter can be so mean to the lil boy Sometimes i hear her telling him to Shut the **** up it makes him cry then she will hit him. When i hear this i step in.
I try to stop her. When i do this she will physically attack me throw stuff or hitting me. I have to call the cops they do nothing tho. Since she dont leave marks. same old story
It hurts me so much that she acts like this. She had a good childhood and was treated with respect and loved why is she so mean to her own child?

The 2nd problem is her Boyfriend.. This guy is the typical user. I cant even talk to her about him.
She is like brainwashed.. she lets her boyfiend even hold her walfair card in his wallet.
He uses her childs money like its his own.I hate this guy with a passion and dont even want him in my house..Like that matters at all he's moved in completly.
Now he has my daughter pregnate! I feel he did this just to secure his place to live.
He wont leave my house.. My daughter supports this looser like hes a good guy.. I know hes gonna use and dump her.
He was brought up on walfair and seem to want my daughter to be just like his walfair collecting mother.
He talks about going to college while my daughter sit home knocked up. WHAT ABOUT MY DAUGHTERS COLLEGE??

This guy has gone as far as call my mother trying to get her support for him.. telling her bad stuff about me.
This serves no purpous but causes me problems with my mom.

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