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hi, i just wanted to reply. i can totally relate to you. i have recently been on edge with my children (although its not their fault) but my patience level has decreased and i find myself getting annoyed very easily. my children and i are very close, and sometimes i just sit and stare at them thanking God for such perfect angels, and in the same breath i'll sit and cry thinking about something that happened that day that made me mad. my children are my world, and the pain i feel from knowing i've yelled at them or got frustrated with them over something simple just kills me. sometimes i feel like the worst mother in the world, and wonder if they'd be better off without me, but at the same time i cannot picture my life without them. it would be easy for me to sit here and tell you its not right to do it, and don't do it again, but in all actuality i'd be a hypocrite to say it. yes, i do know its not right, and it shouldn't be done.... and for me its not something i intentionally do (as i'm sure is the same as your situation). by the time i realize how upset i am, i've already sent my kids to their rooms. i don't know what made me start feeling this way, and i don't know how to stop it. i have tried, but since i don't know what is wrong with me in the first place, i have no clue what to do to fix it. i wish you alot of luck, and hope you are able to find help for it. i finally have me a counceling appointment tomorrow, so i'm hoping i can finally find out whats happened to me, and get it fixed. take care of yourself, and give your babies a big hug. God bless!

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