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hi wandawoman. i just wanted to let you know i totally understand where you're coming from. although i do still have my mom, my dad died when i was 12. i miss him dearly! i have recently started having bad anger spells, to the point where 90 percent of them are violent. i do not know where it came from, i used to be a very mellow person.... took alot to get on my bad side, but now all someone has to do is look at me wrong and i snap. i hate who i've become, yet at the same time, i can't control it. it hits me before i have a chance to realize it, and when it hits, it takes over. i have just recently went in for counceling, my next appointment is on the 16th, but this past appointment my councelor said she was putting me into anger management classes. it pissed me off at first, but deep down i guess i know she's right.... i do need them. my actual "therapy" starts on the 16th, and shortly after that i will start my anger management. i'm hoping it will work, and i'm hoping they will find the root of the problem. i have no clue what made me so mean and hateful, but it happened, and it came quick. i would suggest councelling, if nothing else to help you understand what is going on with you.... thats what i'm hoping will happen with mine. hopefully we can fix whatever my problem is..... i'm praying so, anyway. good luck and i wish you the very best. God bless!

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