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Yep, little brother here. the thing is, Me and my brother don't talk much, its like we don't even see each other. If we talk to long one of us gets angry, and we start to ger piss and angry alot and don't talk for a long time. I'm 19 and hes 21. ones we didn't talk for 2 mabe 2 1/2 years, at all. and ever since then, we may talk once every couple of weeks. we don't hate each other or anything. both we raise by a single mother. its just that we both are so sick of each other if we talk to long. so we keep our words short. does this make us bad ppl? im the shy, non talking type. but when im out with my cousins i get along with them like nothing. we both are soon going to be on our own before this year is up. and if we was to move out. how the hell do we keep in touch? we are nothing alike. we can't go out and hangout. hes more like a 30year old guy, like the the serious, professional type person, so you know we aren't alike. anybody eles had this problem? I know we will have long distance relationships. because he plans on moving into another state and i may move to Cali. is like we get sick of each other after a while or something. i guess i let it go , im repeating myself......... :)

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