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I don't know where to go or who to ask, so I've come here. We've been married 15 years, here's our long story SHORT:
My husband found out he had diabetes at 31 years of age, just when we began building our home in 1996. We started trying to have children in 1998 and had no success. After 4 years, of two fertility surgeries, 7 fertility treatments, we now have a beautiful son born in 2002. Our son does not speak words yet. He is a very good boy, with good discipline and good manners. Yes, he gets frustrated cause he cannot talk. But I think my husband gets more frustrated.

Now onto my Husband as a whole: For the past year or so things have gotten much worse around our home. He has been drinking 5-6 drinks of Kessler and diet coke EVERY DAY and he even drinks them one after the other in the early evening hours before he lays down to go to sleep before he goes in to 11-7 (11 at night to 7am). I've questioned him about it and he says he needs it to help him sleep. Fine, when I go wake him up at 8:30 or so, our bedroom smells like a damn brewery!!!! I've let it not bother me becuase he hasn't shown any signs of it being a "problem" (or at least ones that I'm not seeing???). Anyway, now about our marriage: He has been extremely short and mean to me. He has told me that I am a lazy person, he says I make a home and YOU ruin it! Those words hurt me. He gets short fused over the STUPIDEST things. For example, my sis bought my son a pool (a fold up one) that's space friendly and he says to me yesterday in a very sassy tone "just take it back, he doesn't need it!". I said "it's not my fault she boutht it for him GEESE!".

It's just his tone with me, CONSTANTLY is so mean. Then the other day he asks me "whya re you letting go of yourself?". Ok, I was THIS weight when I found out I was PG with my son, what is up with that????? Yes, I've gained a few pounds in the last couple of months and I know that, but I am not anymore overweight than I was at one time or another being married to him. I could go ON and ON and ON. One day I asked him exactly what I DON"T do around the house and he said DUST! HELLO! DUST??? That was all he could come up with, I am not KIDDING! that's it. I grilled him. I get comments from family and friends how clean and nice our house is, yet he sees it as a mess all the time.

He is not patient AT ALL with our son. he's short with him cause he cannot talk. He's getting speech therapy 2x a week and he knows that and he knows he's trying but he's alwyas saying things like "why can'ty ou just say i???" THAT makes me mad, because he's making him feel bad because he "cant'"! He's got verbal apraxia.

I guess it didn't come out as a short story after all.! But to say the least, eh's always angry, everyone has noticed his change of attitude over the past year or so. He says it's all about me, he's unhappy ONLY because I have gained some weight.

What do you think? It sounds to me like he's got an anger management problem, because he's blaming all his unhappiness on something so stupid. I think he's angry cause he's got daibetes and because of his job! I don't know. Pelase help me! What shoujld I do? I am so UNHAPPY!!!!!! I have been for quite somet ime and he knows it.


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