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Ok Im new here, im kinda angry because recently i have been diagnosed with a chronic muscle disease. Fibromyalgia. It causes severe pain all over the body all the time. My doc has me on duragesic patches for pain along with percocet, the problem is , when im in severe pain and need my medicine and go to get it HALF OF ITS GONE!!! My husband constantly has friends over, and I hide my meds but someone is finding them and taking them! This is causing me and my husband to fight constantly! #`1 because im in pain, and should'nt be because im given medicine to help with my pain but some idiots want to steal it. Is this right! What Can I do do I have the right to be mad? When I hide my meds my husband says I don't trust him??? I don't get this , if i don't hide them, they dissappear, is there no end to this???
Hi. Im sorry to hear about your situation. You do have reason to be angry, Im sure that being in pain doesnt help with your anger control either. I think hiding your meds is the best thing to do. But what you should NOT be doing is telling your husband you are hiding them or making a big deal out of it. Just hide them, dont say anything about it to your husband and his friends. If your hubby asks where your meds are just answer "theyre put away" If he asks where at just answer "in their place" DO NOT make a big deal out of having to hide them. If he still asks where they are or gets angry at your answer then I would venture to guess he is the one taking them.

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