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Im a single mom of a 7 and 5 yr old, and Im also pregnant. I am recently trying to reconcile with my x, who I was with for 8yrs. Just to explain why I feel so angry. He cheated, hit and literally demeaned me for years. At this time he was a drug addict and is currently clean and doing very good. But I now react to him with negativity and anger about everything. I even find myself yelling and screaming at my children. I know Im extra hormonal right now, but I feel I have an anger problem. I just dont know what to do about it. I really dont want to be this way. I dont hit my kids or him, I just yell and say ugly things, which can be just as harmful. Its like I react before I think, and thats not good. I want to learn a way to express my feelings in a calmer way without saying ugly things. I dont want my children to mirror my anger when they get older. I also have no patience what so ever. And how does someone learn to be patient and learn to stay calm? How do I let go of my anger so I can be happy again? Ive tried talking to people but they dont understand and Im really worried that my children will be affected if this doesnt change soon. And Im worried that I might lose this man that Ive waited so long on to change. And now that he has changed and is proving it to me day by day I cant get past the past?? What do I need to try or do?

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