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You can wait until you go to jail. I did, and I had to take anger management classes as part of my sentence and probation. I used to throw things, hit the walls, slam doors, etc. I hit my husband. He had me arrested.
It was good for me. I learned I had a choice. I used to not be able to control myself when something happened. Now, most of the time, I can. It's actually helped me in a lot of ways. When someone pisses me off, one of my favorite things to do is just stare at them just a little bit. It kind of makes them more nervous and attentive to what you say. And when I speak, I speak real quietly. That gets people's attention.
Try it. Most of the time it works. When you're pissed-----people are ready to condemn you---even if you have a reason to be angry. They have the advantage. I don't like people having the advantage over me.

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