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Thanks for the replies. It is greatly appreciated.

Sometimes It just seems that my anger is welling up in me, and there's nothing I can do to stop it, and then one little itsy bitsy teenie weenie thing goes wrong or something happens and I just can't help to inflict immense amounts of pain/damage on something. It's nearly uncontrollable! So anyways.. since my last post.. I had something happen. It was horrible. I was having one of those bad days ya know? The boss was all over me and I messed up on my job by spilling something on the customer(fast food industry), the customer get's angry at me.. and I just feel the anger welling up... and then yah.. I chose not to hurt the customer, but the anger was still there. So I come home and then my sister comes up to me and pokes me in the stomach and all the anger is released on my poor little sister in that instant.. There she is, lying on the floor, not making a sound. I wonder what's wrong, so I go down to listen to her breath to see if she's even alive, and then one moment later.. I get a swift smack across the face. Yah, that ticked me off then, so then I presumed to pummel her with all the wrath that I could muster, but I stopped after I saw the red stuff pool up on the floor. I just don't know... I think, I've gotten more then just angry, i've gone insane.. maybe, I need to call someone, who knows.. if anyone can, HELP ME!!

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