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[QUOTE=BethyGirlie]People like your boyfriend hardly ever change. Even if there was a dramatic change, it would occur after years of counseling and willingness to bear all to a therapist. If you feel more stable on your own, then go out on your own...and leave him to deal with his problems....because you aren't ever going to be happy with someone that is never happy themselves.[/QUOTE]

Amen. I'm afraid that's the way the story goes with every single relationship like this one. Even if he doesn't hit you, I bet you're afraid he will. Somewhere down the line, especially if you get married, live together, have kids (a/k/a MORE stress) he may resort to hitting, because he doesn't know how to control his anger, and hasn't tried.

If you really love him, you might tell him "I can't have a relationship with you until you work out your anger problems". You need to [I]really mean it [/I] when you say it, and then [U]you'll need to protect yourself[/U], because break-ups can really set a man off if he's got a lot of anger.

If you have a women's shelter in your area or domestic abuse center, you may want to contact them for advice. I took an advocacy course at the one where I live, and I can tell you he is a classic "abuser". If you call someone there, they shouldn't [I]tell [/I] you what to do (they're not supposed to) but they can give you a heap of advice. Good luck. :angel:

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