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Sounds like me when I was a child. I used to throw a fit any time I was the least bit mad, I kicked holes in the wall, I would yell at my mom in public. This continued well through elementary school. She never did anything harsh, I was never grounded. Usually it would just turn into her yelling back at me, we kind of treated each other the same I guess. One thing I would say not to do is hit. I was hit ocassionally as a child, and it really wasnt effective and it really was pointless, if anything it makes the child more sad/angry/frustrated. The problem with taking things away (grounding them, taking away toys, TV) from an angry child in my view is that it just makes them more angry. But then again you cant just stand there and do nothing. I agree with one of the above posters -- praising is good. If you show them that youre proud of them or they make you happy... then there is less reason to be mad at you. The caution with this is to make sure you treat all the siblings equally and dont seem to praise one more than others. One time when I was little, my sister made a clay present for my dad, and I didn't get him anything.. and I got mad and threw it on the floor and broke it because I was jealous that she was getting praised.

and it's really strange, that even though I grew up a brat and wasn't disciplined.. I turned into a highly obdient and good daughter. Go figure haha. So, there is hope :)

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