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Anger, Steam, UGH!
Jun 17, 2005
[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]UUuug! I dont know where to begin but this has been building up and boiling inside me now for quite sometime. I hope this is the right place for this because I need to vent and have nobody to turn too!

I'll start with the fact that my boyfriend/fiances parents maxed out 2 credit cards in his name totaling just under 10k. He was aware of one of the cards and was told that the 2nd card would be used to pay off the first ect...making this story short his parents stopped payment on both! Causing a letter(s) to start coming of non-payment. Well they didnt tell him of this "little issue" until he got one about going to court!!!!

On top of that issue his parents ONLY form of transportation was repozessed on them and they are now USING my boyfriend for his vechical! So that is one form of this anger building.

The next is my sister she's younger then me and I become enraged with anger just thinking about the things she's getting away with. Im 21 she is 14! When myself and my brother were her age we wern't allowed to have the opposite sex over w/out adult suprvision. Or if we were sick we wernt allowed to go anywhere or have anyone over, well guess what she's having this boy over all the time. And they are laying ontop of each other in our FAMILY room on the couch INFRONT of my parents!!!! And she's sick witha fever today she went to the hospital because she told me mom how sick she feels this and that so my mom took her! She's such a baby! Yesterday she still had this fever and went out with friends, now today my parents are not home yet its just me up in my room and her and this boy are down on the couch in they're usual postion, him ontop of her under a blanket!!!

To add more tension to this anger! I am getting married in a year and my dad is strong to the idea that I SHOULDNT live with my boyfriend/fiance UNTIL we are married (major catholic). So I have decided to damn bad, Im getting a place with im asap to get him out of his parents house that he just moved back into because they are leaching off of him and it makes me want to vomit and yell and scream and tell his parents off (parents: mom and step dad).

So Im telling my dad about an inncident that took place at my boyfriends parents that really urked me (trying to tell him at least) and he inturupts me and says "you have no business sleeping over there anyway its against morals" OOOOh that pissed me off, so I tell him "you know what im 21 im an adult and if i want to sleep with my fiance I will PERIOD!" He again says its against morals and walks away not hearing the rest of what I wanted to vent about!!! A bit later he returns and says "just wait till you have a 14yr old that is shacking up and see what you have to say" Well that ticked me off even MORE. I yelled back "YOU cannot compare me to a 14yr old IM 21!!! And 14 year olds shacking up, thats your other daughter and she's doing it right infront of your face in your living room without a problem! so dont even get me started on MORALS I dont even lay on my FIANCE infront of you and mom the way she does with her little boyfriend! He tells me "you dont know what your talking about" and left!!!

UUUGH IM SOOOO full of steam right now! I just want to punch something! Im ticked with my boyfriend because he wont grow some and tell his parents to get this debt paying moving faster then it is right now. Im ticked that my parents allow my sister to get away with SO DAMN MUCH and I was so limited at her age. I just want to cry and run away! I cant take it anymore Im sooo stressed out and upset. I have nobody to talk to about this because my mom and dad dont believe they are being this way with my sister. They dont say much about my boyfriends parents thing. They wont talk about me getting a place with him (I tried once and my dad handed me a phamplet titled *mom dad i want to move in with my boyfriend*) UGH it's like im surrounded by brick walls and cant get out![/FONT][/COLOR]

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