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I have to say I agree with paying attention to red flags. I dated a man six years ago (actually lived with and almost married) that still has left a bitter taste in my mouth. After he finally got the upper hand and dumped me (the last time I broke up with him he tried to slit his wrist in front of me, so I stayed to help him) the man was living with someone within months and married her a year later, the exact day I moved away from him and his terror. His new wife left her ex for him, her ex beat her. The patterns are true and once they are truely comfortable with you they will show ALL their anger. You have unfortunately just tapped the surface, so RUN with all your strength before you have emotional problems as well. I had another abusive relationship after this one and now am a single mother. I do not date but am working on who I am attracted to so I do not repeat this cycle (my mother had the same problem, as well as my grandmother's on both sides, etc...). It becomes a pattern as to who you are attracted to, so look at why you are attracted to these types of men and learn why. Codependancy is not a relationship it is an addiction and this is usually the reason women get stuck in abusive relationships. I know that I was so afraid to be alone I settled, and that is when you are most vulnerable. Life alone is better than living in an eventual hell. You may have to learn the hard way, but in the end the truth will show it's ugly face, whatever it may be. I just pray that it is not that bad for you.

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