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When my stepson (aged 9) is nice, he is really nice not just to me but to everyone. But when he gets mad - watch out. It's not just with me, it's with his brothers, mom, school etc. Take today for instance - this week he's with his mom - apparently at school today he assaulted a teacher who was trying to break up a fight between him and another boy (that he had started). Coz she was stopping him he started on her! Apparently they had to restrain him. The outbursts are less frequent than they used to be but still too often for comfort. On holiday last month he attached his brother because he said something he didn't like.

I've read the similiar thread to this one and have to say that whilst praise works in normal circumstances - you don't see the 'red mist' forming and have no warning until he's off on one. After todays events I'm sure he needs more than just praise.

Any suggestions?

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