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Attacked by bf's ex
Jul 15, 2005
My bf's ex verbally attacked me in a grocery store then grabbed the back of my head as I tried to walk away. My bf had to pry her fingers off me.

I filed charges and she was arrested. She emailed my bf saying it was his fault this happened because he allowed me to avoid her for 2 years. She said she has a lot of "pent up anger and rage". That comment was very scary to me.

What's even scarier is this woman has been in weekly counseling (2-3 times a week) for over a year and she still has this much anger. She claims she hasn't been able to move on because she hasn't been able to confront me. :eek:

Why would she need to confront me in order to move on in her life? I can't imagine her counselor would suggest such a thing... especially with all that rage and inability to control herself.

I had to change my email and cell phone number 1 1/2 years ago because she left discusting/nasty messages.

I filed for assault, but the sheriff's office said it was only harassment because I didn't have long term injuries. SHE YANKED MY HEAD BACK AND REFUSED TO LET GO OF MY HAIR! Why would that not be assault?

Anyway, I hope she gets the message that she needs some sort of anger management and self control. She did this in front of her 3 and 4 year old sons then dragged them out of our cart and out of the store (it was bf's visitation night).

Sorry for the length... but this woman's anger scares me.

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