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Re: Angry at an ex
Nov 8, 2005
Hello there my name is sabhel,

I think you should first of all love you "really love you" and "demand respect" the first sign of disrespect speak up in a adult manner to let them know I love myself more than this I don't allow anyone to treat me in such way ...get the idea, do u love you though....go find inner strength with self and live for your son, fall in LOVE with you son and he will give you strength unknown before.

stop dwelling on the ex....the good times there gone, change is constant and he choose his way to go accept it , only you can change you no one else, remember the pain hurt and disrespect he you really love that or is your pride crushed or hurt....learn from this dont make excuse's for him either.

dont you think you deserve much more than what he gave you?
believe in you and be strong for your son and good luck to ya.

im 35 w/ a 40yr ex whom never moved out of mommy/ daddys home yet, very good financial status and credit and controlled me financially as well as other ways.... for I was in my 2 semester nursing and I have three kids ages 18, 12, and 9 but now Im due to have this mans baby ....and he intentionally crashed my one car on mothers day in may that I was to give to my oldest son for birthday and chased my son on foot w/ his monster truck that day as well It was very traumatic and I went to hospital while my other two kids and family woundering whats goin on. It was a three minute episode than he was calm as could be...freaky then he tells me he was not going to hit my son...sicko I say.

He took back my car he go me for my birthday in march kids, hes a pathalogical liar and ma ma boy. very arrogant w/ money and controlled me and used my kids w/ it as well to try to keep me. He says I got pregnant for his money...LOL, he has temp ruined my life, im now in a victim wittness program , he's being criminally charged but cause he has money its going more his way and I since have no car for school , work, and a baby on the way for 5 months now, bills cant be paid and credit messed up now but , I will eventually get through this and NEVER go back to him. I really dont even want him seeing the baby, hes done nothing and told me if I did not name it after him I would pay for it all.....whatever loser I would rather than have him think money controls me.......he needs to stay in his 8th grade bedroom w/ all his rv's and guitars at 40 yrs old still lives at home and shares email w/ mom and mom does all his acct/bills as well as controls his money......lets not forget the motorcross racetrack in the back yard still an wears motocross racing shirts....that was ten yrs ago he raced still makes him peanut butter and jelly w/ peeled carrots and jello tells him " you can pick your cookies out"....a grown man same lunch for years also he about fear of change...what do you think men at work say to him......kinda weird to me.....and his temper outburst he has mentioned about in past some weird episodes yet makes family out to be brady bunch i said pathalogical liar.

I really dont want his money overtaking this baby though it is his first born and first born grandchild too, but they did nothing but have me and my kids struggle and suffer why should they have rights to a child that he almost risked the childs life smashing my car w/ me next to it pregnant???? wounder if there is any legal help at least parenting classes mandatory for him and anger management mandatory first????

I will never forgive him, for this baby did not need to be put in this world this way and my kids here now suffer more from his tantrum and controll tactics...I would never fall for his apologies nor stupid promises just to be once again taken back when he gets mad...he buys you stuff than tries to take it when mad..pathetic and if cant will break it. I just hope my son dont look much like him or behave in his manner too much , im scared I never had a baby alone but Im doing the best I can an will pull through this one year...LOL.

Now thats a story.......oh yeah he cheated too, girls call etc funny thing though is he is a twin to Shrek in a way " his face" but I guess that is why he buys all those flashy expensive toys and flash's money at bars....whatever dont date him though , greed slips in w/ control then he gets insecure and says you want him for his money....What ever DORK.......I was due to grad as a RN in May till I met Igor himself.....bahhhhh ,
things happen for a reason , many reasons ,
one day u will know why you met your jerk too.......
good luck bunches .....

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