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Re: Angry at an ex
Nov 19, 2005
I can see things from a different perspective as I am a stepmum to my husbands 4 year old son. I read on one of the posts about one of the mums who enjoyed seeing her son turn away from his father and reach out to her when his father came to pick him up. My hubby has had this happen to him, when his son was younger he would go to pick him up for the weekend and the child would not want to leave his mum. This had nothing to do with what my hubby was doing, he had access every single weekend (all weekend, overnight) and on a wednesday evening from birth, the reason why the child did this was because the mother was syaing that my hubby would hurt him if she let him go. She would terrify him. Luckily for us he was taken off the mother by Social Services and we are now involved in a custody battle with the mothers parents for full custdy of him.

People who are angry at their ex's and use the children like this destroy not only the ex but the children as well. It took along time for my hubbys son to understand that being with daddy was fine.

The other thing I wanted to say was that every dad has a right to see thier child. Someone might not be a good partner of husband but that does not mean they will be a bad dad. It takes two people to make a baby and both of those people should have equal rights, unfortunatly in this country, when it comes to the courts the mother is still favoured over the father. This is wrong and I am a campaigner for more justice for fathers.

Both people should take responsibilty, neither you or him should stop the other from seeing the child. If he decides t go to court then let him, that is his right. Likewise as the Non Resident Parent your ex is legally bound to pay child support. I would say though, you do need to move on, stop living in the past, make a life for yourself, get a job, find someone else. Let your child see his father.

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