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Hello all

This is my first time posting on this board, but I already posted on "relationship health".

I have got a problem of uncontrollable anger: Six months ago I started to find it extremely difficult not to show my anger to my current BF. I always felt very insecure, and rightly so, becuase of his drukenness-related problems. He did lots of intolerably stupid/offensive things that deeply and very negatively affected my life, study (I am a final-year PhD student), and mood. I became very dark and unable to trust him because of the so many broken promises and frustrations I experienced with him.

Recently, he admitted having a problem and sought professional help but I couldn't stop the attacks of panick and anger fits. I would burst at the slightest disagreement or flag of a problem. I just came back from a two-week holiday with him at my mum's. He met my mum and dad for the first time, and was really nice to everyone. We had great time, except for the times in which I lost control for nothing things really, and cried loudly twice or three times. Everyone was amased at the change in my personality (I used to be very calm and tolerant), and they all thought my anger was unnnecessary. I felt extremely guilty for spoiling this wonderful time for everyone :( although everyone was understanding and forgiving. I said hurting things to him but apologised imediately after I calmed down (after few minutes usually). They just felt worried about me.

I would like to learn to exercise self-control and would truely appreciate anyadvice from people with similar experiences. I thought of going to yoga classes. I already had counselling to cope with his Alcoholism.


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