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Wow! Now I'm starting to wonder if maybe I have a thyroid problem. I have several of those symptoms including frequent headaches, depression, fingernail problems, trouble sleeping, constant fatigue, extreme weight gain and as my name suggests, MAJOR anger issues.

But, I have another possible reason for your hair-trigger temper and inability to let things go...bipolar disorder. I was recently diagnosed and have since done quite a lot of research on the subject. When I think back on my life, it explains SO much!!! I have always had a terrible temper and I dwell on things to the point of driving myself crazy. I have never been able to handle even the slightest amount of stress without turning into an irritable ball of nerves and I've struggled with depression and major mood swings for years. My ex-husband and I fought constantly, as I would fly off the handle over just about every little thing. I have hurt the people I love the most time and time again by saying things I don't really mean out of anger. It has plagued me pretty much my entire life and I am so relieved to FINALLY get a diagnosis that makes sense...YAY! Check out the bipolar board on here and see if any of the other symptoms fit you.

Lotsa luck......Robin :-)

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