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Re: Chemical Rage
Aug 8, 2005
I have a condition that makes me deficient in vitamin b6 and zinc. When my b6 levels get low I can feel myself get angry much easier than normal. I can also feel myself want to almost rage about some things. This condition I have, known as pyroluria, does say a symptom is anger episodes.

A vitamin b6 deficiency will also cause depression because the body needs b6 to convert tryptophan into serotonin.

I don't have a problem with chocolate myself. However, I do know that it contains copper (alcohol does too). Some people have said that high copper levels may be associated with criminal acts. I don't know if this is true, but I would guess that maybe the copper in chocolate causes your zinc levels to seem lower. Copper and zinc are antagonistic so they balance each other. Copper causes the same symptoms as estrogen dominance and thyroid problems. But I can always tell when my zinc levels are too low because I can get more emotional about stuff. Like reading some tragic story in the paper and getting tears in my eyes when I don't even now the person in the newspaper. Too much copper can definitely make me more emotional, but I can't say that it has ever made me angry.

The body must have zinc in order to make testosterone. Some have said that too little testosterone can also cause anger problems in men. This would tie back to copper, too much copper really. Copper is in the environment in ways most people don't realize. The copper plumbing pipes, soda fountain machines use copper tubing, some BC pills contain, ciggerettes put copper in the body, alcohol contains copper, all vetegarian protein sources are high in copper, especially soy, and certain meds can lower your zinc levels, causing relatively higher copper levels. (You might try some other foods high in copper to see if that is the problem you have with chocolate. Soy might be good to try.)

My condition is treated by orthomolecular medicine which uses very high doses of nutritional supplements which must be administered under medical supervision. There is a type in ortho that is known to have high copper levels.

Copper is one of those minerals, like iron, that can actually cause problems if the body ends up storing too much of it. If you get too much copper then your liver and adrenal become sluggish for one thing, and this in turn makes it hard for the liver to produce ceruloplasmin, the protein that copper needs to get into your bloodstream. So it is possible to have too much copper stored in your body but not have any available copper in your bloodstream. This condition is refered to as bioUNavailable copper. This was a condition that nutritionist Ann Louise Gittleman developed. She wrote the book "Why am I always so Tired" about her experiences with this problem. And, yes, ever a nutritionist can overlook this problem too. (Gittleman did not know what the cause of her health problem was until she developed red highlights in her hair.)

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