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I'm only 17
Aug 19, 2005
I'm only 17. Me and my boyfriend are the same age but i am half year older than he is. Tonight he got so angry with me that he threw a book at me. It hit me on the back of my neck and there is a wide bruise/wept across it. I was so shocked i didn't even try to fight back. I was scared too. He's punched me in the arm on a number of occasions out of frustration. Tonight he was only mad b/c i wouldn't tell him why i was upset and i wouldn't talk to him when i was trying to walk home..... The truth is i told him plenty of times what i was upset over but it's like he just wanted to get all excited and start fussing for nothing.
we've been together for 4 months. That's a long time for me to have loved someone like i love him... Usually the advice i would give a friend is to leave the punk...but i can't do that b/c i love him soooo much... five minutes later he walked down to my house to apologize and make sure i wasn't breaking up with him again... I'm not sure what to do! From anyone's experiences has this situation ever been resolved and a dude with anger management has ever gotten healed? I don't want to be in an abusive relationship... Since i'm so young i might as well break it off now before it's too late. , but when i think about our lives that we planned together and all the stuff we wanted to do when we are older like living together and having kids, i don't want to throw away all we've wished for.. i can't talk to my family about this b/c they already don't like him... i really need advice... if he hits on me now it's gonna get worse to the point where i just have to fight him back.

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