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i find it amazing that most of us work in the food industry. i am the purchaser for a very large institution. have had problems with managers for 18 years. none of them have been my supervisor but have all wanted to be. it took me years of anger,stress, and a lot of anxiety to realize it is their issue not mine. came to a head last year when i quit smoking. told everyone i work closely with that i would not be able to take smoke breaks with them as it would be too hard. please give me a little time to get through this. well none of them listened to what i said. called to the boss's office one day with the manager already there.her complaint was i didn't talk as much to anyone and was on the phone more than usual.take notice this is all personal and not related to my job performance. for the first time in 18 years instead of getting angry and flustered i spun in my chair and said"your point is what? you take several 15 minute smoke breaks a day. what is the difference is it if you are outside smoking and i am on the phone?"the manage then said when she came in the office one day i was on the phone talking about her and she knew it because i lowered my voice. i then said "please don't ever think my life is all about you. i was on the phone with my daughter who had a problem and i didn't feel this was any of your business" my boss finally ended this in saying that i was entitled to the same breaks in whatever way i chose to take them and was also entitled to my privacy. have had no problems since. i really try when someone is attacking me to step back and think if this is my problem or theirs. 9 out of 10 times it is their issue. i have been working really hard at giving everyone back all of their own issues and not making them mine anymore.

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