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[QUOTE=MariekeBlaze]My bf has a terrible anger problem. He tends to take his anger out on me, and his family. On one particular occassion he physically attacked his own brother, and i'm afraid he might explode one day and really hurt someone or himself.[/QUOTE]
Sorry for the mess your in. First, I'll ask why do you let him take his anger out on you? You don't deserve that behavior. If he's physically abusive to others, aren't you afraid someday he'll turn and punch you?

[/QUOTE]His parents are making him see help for this, but he constantly talks about how stupid the therapist is.[/QUOTE]

How old a person are we talking about here that his parents "are making him" see a therapist? Maybe it would help if he chose another, that he wouldn't call stupid. Sounds like this one isn't getting anywhere with the sessions.

[/QUOTE]Does anyone have any suggestion as to what i might be able to do to help him? He is very stubborn and has issues with his family.[/QUOTE]

Only he can help himself. He needs to make changes in his life and get to the bottom of his anger.

[/QUOTE]Should i stop seeing him because of this problem?[/QUOTE]
Are you thinking of a husband and father or are you dating for ha,ha's.
If your looking for a husband/father, think about what your homelife with this person would be like. You would fear his coming home everyday, not knowing what kind of mood he would be in? Would he strike out at you or the children? Would you want to bring up children in a hostile environment? Do you want a life of always having anger around? My advise would be to leave now. Find someone that respects you enough that he doesn't have the anger.
Good luck...

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