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Over the past few years I have been diagnosed with a number of "issues"... chronic headaches (which, fortunately have subsided recently), narcolepsy, Adult ADD.... and was "misdiagnosed" with depression. I'm not dperessed, I actually enjoy life. I have occasional anxiety issues, but nothing major.

But here is where my doctors are stumped. I have terrible mood swings. One moment I'll be cheerful, the next I'll shouting at the wife and kids, usually for no reason at all. I am very easy to "set off", and my buttons are very easy to push. This has become an increasingly frequent problem over the last couple years. The docs can't really associate it directly with anything they've diagnosed me with.

Have I just become an intolerant jerk? This is definitely not how I used to be, and my work/family environment haven't really changed. I don't have that much stress in my life to justify irritability and anger outbursts like this. There is simply no reason for it. I am rarely provoked. I just get angry and explode for no reason at all.

Anyone else experience this? What have you done about it? Does anyone know about any neurological condition that deals specifically with unprovoked anger and irritability?
Any ideas/input appreciated.

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